The evolution of power. SOHC , 4 valves engine using liquid cooling technology. Tuned for great low end torque and and power. 


  • Patented universal ball adjusted valve arm + Roller Valve Arrm - The former enables the contact between the valve regulating bolt and the valve face and substancially reduces stress, while the latter reduces the friction between the rocker arm adn the camshaft
  • Squish and swirl technology + special shaped combustion chamber - Enables thorough combustion of petrol-air mixture thus improving power performance and reduces oil consumption
  • New water cooling circulation technology - Ensures good coolinf effect even when engine works at large power, providing reliability
  • Light Weight piston and rings - Reduces the entire reciprocating force of engine and effectively reduce engine vibration
  • Thickened crankshaft connecting rod - protexts the crankshaft roller pin from damage when the engine operates at large power and ensure reliability of the connecting rod
  • Built-in Balance shaft - to reduce the weight of the moving parts while at the same time balance the first order inertial force generated by the engine which greatly reduces engine vibration and improves the comfort of the vehicle
  • Engine oil pump with increased capacity - Pumping capacity increased by 30% 



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