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Experience the power of the Zongshen W190 engine - built to deliver performance and excitement on every ride!

  • Features

    • The cooling lubricant oil cooling technology to reduce the heat load on the engine operation, and extend the life of the engine.
    • Start any file simple operation can start at any position, in line with the requirements of fast start.
    • Lightweight pistons, piston rings, T-lightweight pistons, piston head portion and the micro-arc oxidation skirt printed molybdenum disulfide treatment to improve the heat resistance and wear resistanceof the piston; 0.8 thin ring, reducing the inertia of the piston up and down movement and wear, increases engine power output and service life.
    • Enhanced clutch 6-piece reinforced clutch, to meet the large torque transmission requirements.
    • Case spraying holes designed box set dedicated spray oil cooling lubrication hole injection piston cylinder effective control piston temperature, increase engine life.
    • Valve using valve structure, reducing the starting torque, start light, bodies start to improve parts life.
    • Five-speed transmission with five-speed transmission, a reasonable allocation of each gear ratio.
    • Bearing housing TPI bearings imported bearings, improve engine reliability.
    • Centrifugal Cylinder block centrifugal cylinder, heat more evenly, a small amount of deformation, reduced oil consumption.
    • Roller rocker uses roller rocker, rocker arms and camshaft reduce friction losses and improve engine performance.
  • Pricing

    Cash Price Rs 24,900

    Credit by CIM Finance/Rogers Capital 
    Showroom Price R
    Monthly Rs 

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