Engine Technology

LIFAN PowerKing engines use roller rocker arm instead of the standard rocker. This greatly reduces the frictional losses between the rocker and the camshaft. The result is a smoother running engine.

LIFAN PowerKing engines use 'Oil Jet Piston Cooling' technology. A jet of pressurized engine oil is directed to the underside of the piston to help dissipate the extreme heat generated during sustained high rpm operation. This technology has proven itself in Formula One and other top-level racing engines. This ensures long term reliability and durability. 

LIFAN PowerKing engine uses a built in balancer shaft which effectively reduces first order reciprocating inertial forces. This results in a much smoother engine operation with low noise and makes it much more comfortable for the rider. 

LIFAN PowerKing engine has offset crank mechanism. This allows the maximum incylinder pressure to be transmitted to the crank and reducing fritional losses between the piston and the cylinder wall. This may optimum use of the energy. It also reduces fuel consumption, improve durability and reliability. The piston crank mechanism can also be made lighter hence reducing reciprocating masses and vibrations. 

LIFAN PowerKing engine use light piston and rings. This reduces the reciprocating masses and vibrations. The piston and rings are coated with Molybdenum Sulfide using Physical Vapour Deposition technique (PVD) to reduce wear, improve fuel consumption and improve reliability and durability. 

Financing Options

Cash Price Rs 63,000  
Road Charges Rs 11,500 
On Road Rs 74,500*
Including Insurance 
*After Discount


Financing Options
Showroom Price Rs 68,500

Deposit Rs 18,500 
Monthly Rs 2,383x 30 


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