5K Twin Flow 160B
  • 5K Twin Flow 160B

    5K Twin Flow is the Annovi Reverberi high pressure washer equipped with DTS(Dualtech System), the AR patented technical system which gives you the washing power of two motorpumps when you need it. Choose fast cleaning mode (2 power units) to improve performances by 50% (Washing Performance Power +50%). The double flow rate enhances washing results by intensity and extent, allowing you to reach two goals: excellent cleaning of the toughest dirt, saving time and effort; washing in the fastest time the largest and highest surfaces, since the water jet height is up to 5 m. Choose this mode when you need to get rid of the toughest dirt and stains from stone and cement flooring, brick walls and sidings, roofs or construction applications. Activate 1 power unit when you need to remove light dirt from bicycles, motorcycles, cars, fences, outdoor furniture and sun shades, without wasting extra water and energy. 5K Twin Flow is equipped with Twin Nozzle, the must-have lance accessory, included inside the packaging, that will boost wide surfaces cleaning performance, saving your time and effort. It is perfect to wash concrete or brick walls, floorings and pools in a very efficient way. 5K Twin Flow is fitted with integrated in pressure hose reel with foldable hose reel handle; 8 mt HP textile hose; telescopic handle with soft hand grip; in-built HP detergent holder (600 ml); all in-one pocket storing for rotary nozzle, adjustable nozzle, twin nozzle; extra lance docking slot; balanced rubber wheels (Ø 20 cm); inspectable water intake filter; electric cable lenght 5 m; 2 three axial stainless steel pistons wobble-plate pumps with aluminium head; automatic by-pass valve with pump head pressure discharge; remote control for total shut-down of high pressure washer (TSS).

    • Specification

      Max Pressure (bar) 160
      Max Pressure (psi) 2300
      Max flow (lph) 850
      Max flow (gph) 225
      Power (Kw) 2.7
      RPM 3400
      Power (Hz) 50-60
      Power (V) 220-230
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